Swedish Curriculum

The Swedish Curriculum

Democracy, human rights and the Convention of the Rights of Child (CRC) are the bases for the Swedish ECEC and have highly influenced the Curriculum for preschools, stating:

"Democracy forms the foundation of the preschool. The Education Act (2010:800) stipulates that education in the preschool aims at children acquiring and developing knowledge and values. It should promote all children’s development and learning, and a lifelong desire to learn. An important task of the preschool is to impart and establish respect for human rights and the fundamental democratic values on which Swedish society is based."

Since July 1st 2011, preschool activity is a separate school form, and is included in the school system as the first step in the child’s education. Preschool activity should stimulate the child’s development and learning, and offer the child secure care. The activities should be designed so that care, development and learning create a unified whole.  Preschool has, since 1998, its own curriculum, it was revised in 2010 and 2018 which, among other things, strengthened the organisation and the pedagogical task of the preschool.

The Swedish curricula for preschool lpfö18.pdf